Alachua Sink
(aka Mill creek Sink)

    Alachua sink is located behind Sonny's BBQ at the High Springs exit (east) on I-75.

    This is a guided only dive (100 cave dives post-full certification required) due to the extreme low visibility of the site. Several years ago a diver perished here after letting go of the line for just a second. He had enough air to search for a while before running out. In the ensuing recovery, fire trucks pumped water into the sink in hopes to increase visibility for the search. The diver was finally found with his last words in the notebook. This is a prime example how complacency can kill if we do not treat every dive for the potential danger that can occur.

Access to Alachua is strictly controlled by the NSS-CDS as they are responsible for managing the property to protect the resources. If you have an interest in checking out this site, contact one of the guides for more information.

Rob Anderson 386-454-8158    Rob at
Lloyd Bailey 352-332-0738
Cindy Butler 352-378-4579      cblspot at
Lamar Hires 386-752-1087     lamar at
Woody Jasper 386-454-3440
Bill Main 386-454-7132
Bob Messersmith 352-377-2610
Tyler Moon 352-870-3483
Tom Morris 352-373-0741
John Moseley 352-371-6744
Frank Ohidy 386-497-1283    fno at
Charlie Roberson 386-454-0811 Charlie at
Jim C Taylor 941-694-2151     jimmyt10 at

Click here for Alachua Sink cave map (PDF)
Click here for Alachua aerial
Click here for a text file with some history and information about the sink
Click here for the NSS-CDS web page concerning this site management plan






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