Bonnet Springs

    Bonnet Springs is located on Peacock Springs State Park property. The access road to the spring is on the right side of the road, just before the left hand bend that leads to the park entrance. The gate is locked and the combination must be given by the park ranger. Only those who are experienced (100 cave dives or more) and are with a guide (someone who has been there before) are allowed to dive here. Bonnet Spring is limited to 2 dive teams a day with a max number of 4 divers per team. One member of the team must be on the ranger's list of cave divers who have previously dived the system. The dive team must receive permission from the ranger each time they wish to dive. If you are unable to locate the ranger you cannot dive Bonnet Spring, pretty simple. There are no reservations, scooter, stages, training dives, nor deco bottles allowed in this system..

    The cave is a fragile system much like Cow Springs. Great care has been taken to preserve this site and should be respected. The GUE web page, here, has some good information written about this site and the procedures needed to dive it. Bonnet Spring is controlled by the park ranger. Bonnet Spring is a shallow cave system with a max depth of approximate 45 feet. The cave runs through a layer of very fragile Limestone, and has a long winding restriction (several hundred feet) where two dive teams are not able pass each other. 

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