Cow Spring

    Cow Springs is located near Peacock Springs State Park in Luraville. Head east on 180th street from Hwy 51, just north of the agricultural station, in Luraville (flashing light intersection). Travel 3.5 - 4 miles until you get to 177th road intersection (there will be a small church on the left side of the road). Head south (right) for 1.1 miles. The spring entrance is located on the left side of the read just as it starts to curve right. If you continue on the road, after about 100 yards you will reach a cul-de-sac. The entrance for Running Springs is at the end of the cul-de-sac.

    Cow is an incredibility beautiful system that is owned by NSS-CDS. They have now cut off access to all non-NSS members. Access to upstream of Cow should be limited to those with exceptional skills and experience experience under their belt as this is an extremely fragile system. Only those with 100 recent post FULL cave certification dives should even begin to consider diving this site. This is an extremely fragile system and must be protected. There are numerous scars in this system (including a full hand print in a clay bank) that are reminders that some people simply should not have been in the system. There is a pull rope located in the area of high flow that prevents any further damage from the pull-and-gliders. The GUE web site has some extensive information about the system including some of its history. For information of getting access to Cow Springs go here. There are some really nice pictures of the topside area and cave claybanks here.

There was a fatality here during Memorial Day weekend 2003. Chris Henson was found in the upstream section solo with gas in the doubles and a full buddy bottle.


Click here for Cow Springs map (PDF)

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