Crystal Springs

    Crystal Springs is about 4 miles south of Zephyrhills (about 1-2 miles south of Chauncy Rd). Drive south-west from Zephyrhills on U.S. Hwy 301 to the intersection of State Hwy 23, turn south and continue about 0.7 mi past the bridge over the Hillsborough River; the springs are to the west, about 200 ft south of the river.

    Crystal Springs pool is about 400 ft long and 150 ft wide with many vents in the bottom. Water level is maintained by a stoplog control at the north end of the pool which restricts inflow from the river. The pool is partly lined with concrete with several limestone outcroppings in the nearby. Crystal Springs has been closed to the public since it is now the main source for the Zephyrhills Spring Water, a commercial water bottling company. There is a growing resentment among local residents because of the use of public resources for such commercial endeavors. An organization, Save Our Springs Inc, has been created to oppose this action as well has give a history on the area. I don't know if the site is diveable anyway, but it is a shame for the area to go to waste.

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