Hart Springs
(N29 40.500 W82 57.083)

    Hart Springs is northeast of Trenton and north of Fanning off of State Road 341 on the Suwannee River.

    There are two springs in the area. The spring run exits northwest to the swimming area. The run again constricts under a wood foot bridge where it merges with the water from the second spring, a V-shaped vent. From here the run travels 900 feet to the Suwannee River. The recreation area is popular for parties, swimming, and camping. The gates remain open at night for campers since the care taker lives on the grounds. The cave is a guided dive, meaning you could go only with a diver experienced with the system, at a cost (to the park) of $20 per day. Access to the public was restored on 8/19/04. Many thanks to the numerous people that have put so much effort into getting it open again. A list of the requirements and dive guides can be found here. Remember, the guides are here on a volunteer basis, guides are not allowed to charge for services and don't expect anyone to tip them. Personally, I would make sure that the guides don't have to make the physical effort of removing any money from their wallets when they are at their next meal. There was a pretty extensive article in the Gainesville Sun on June 10, 2004 about the reopening of the site. That article can be viewed here . There is also a new website, http://www.divehartsprings.com, (Thanks Brett) that will updated a lot more often than this site, so be sure to check that often.


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