Horseshoe Spring is about 7 miles north of Port Richey. From Hudson, take U.S. Hwy 19 and drive 2.1 miles south from the intersection of State Hwy 595, to the trail leading to the spring. Horseshoe Spring is about 1 mile west of the coastal road.

    Horseshoe Spring is in the Gulf coastal plain at the edge of the tidal marsh. The spring pool has the shape of a horseshoe with its open end to the northeast. The spring flow iis from a vent at the northwest end of the pool and has several "deeps" from which springs probably used to flow. The vent discharges in the head of the shoe at the southeast side of the pool -- an irregular elongated hole in the rock 10 ft long, 6 ft wide, and about 25 ft deep, with a vertical rock wall.

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