Hudson Grotto
(aka  Paul's Sink)
(N28 20.743 W82 42.075)

    From the intersection of Hwy 52 and Hwy 19, head north 1 mile. Hudson Grotto is next to Tower Drive, just a few hundred feet behind Bank of America, west of Hwy 19 in Hudson. Tower Drive is directly across the street from the Chevy Dealership.

    Hudson Grotto is owned by SCUBA West operator Paul Heinerth. The grotto is often used for classes, but visibility can really fluctuate with the algae bloom and tanic water. Cost is around $20 for students and walk-on divers. The bottom flattens out around 100 - 110 feet. In the middle of the sink there is a line that runs down to a 100 foot platform which is used for AOW classes. Most of the time there are two thermoclines. The mid-water temperature can get pretty cold during the summer, however the bottom temperature usually stays around 72 degrees. There are two boats below the platform as well as an old VW van a little off the ascent line (follow the cave line). While this can be a decent dive to try once, I wouldn't recommend getting a year pass. The dive shop is now at a new building across the street from the Grotto. To avoid runoff and erosion, divers are now requested to park in the shop lot across the street instead of at the grotto and to use one of the carts to carry gear across the street. The cost fluctuates with the visibility, but is usually $10-15.  It stays pretty cold between 30 and 90 feet and really tannic all year. Deepest spot, about 155' in a small open pit against the wall, can be reached by heading straight to the wall from one of the VW vans.


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Last Updated: 09/30/2008

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