Joe and Mary's Sink

    Joe's sink is on the north side of Hwy 50 and about one mile from Hwy 19.

    Mary's Sink (picture foreground) is just a couple of solution tubes going down into a tiny room at around 65 feet. The room is small and there isn't any going passage. The water is a balmy 68 degrees. Joe's is just a series of solution tubes in the rock and is just a few feet north (picture background) of Mary's. When diving either site, you should lay a line since the floor is very silty and all vis can be lost in an instant (where is this NOT a problem?). In a corner of Joe's, there is a slight undercut that has a wall near the road. One can see a telephone pole sticking through the ceiling and into the floor. Lost Forty is just down the dirt road (follow the power lines) from this sink.

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