Knight's Sink

    Knight Sink is next to Lake Tarpon in Tarpon Springs. The sink is in the corner of AJ Anderson Park. Access is only available by boat.

    Knight Sink is connected by dye tests to Tarpon Bayou. There is also a connection to the sink created by the earthen berm. Decades ago, there was an even cycle of the lake being filled with salt water from the gulf through the cave. The Army Corp of Engineers created the berm to disrupt the cycle and stop the fish kills. The visibility here is often good, but beware of the gators that may lurk in the are looking from handouts of picnickers. There is a rumor of someone making the traverse from Knight to Tarpon Bayou, but with the distance being several miles of deep, tannic water, I'll believe it when I see proof. There is a good web page (including lake maps) at the Lake Tarpon Information Center.

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