Lolly Sink (aka Nemesis)
(N28 22.108 W82 34.732)


    Lolly Sink is west of Hays Road in the Hudson/Spring Hill area and is on the property of Canterbury Farms. IThis property is a commercial plant nursery (not open to the public). Depths of over 260 feet are reported here. The nursery entrance is on Hays road and the driveway would take you within 20-30 yards of the sink in plain view.

Several years ago, a diver named Lee Hole died here after attempting a solo dive. His body was not recovered for some time. The sink name was changed to Nemesis during the numerous body recovery attempts. The owners are fully aware of the history of the site, but hopefully will allow divers to again enter the sink. The property has been fenced off, so open access from the road is no longer allowed.

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Last Updated: 09/30/2008


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