Matthew's Sink

    Matthew's Sink is located in Levy County (near Chiefland). The sink is located on private property near a home and is restricted.

    Several friends heard about the sink from an ex-police officer who lived at the site. He mentioned that the previous owners of the home knew that some divers had been in the sink many (at least 15) years before. The sink is about 200 feet from the road and is access only by a private driveway. The sink is named for the current owner's child whom passed away several years ago and used to play and swim in the sink. We arrived at the site expecting an almost virgin cave site (hey, we all have our delusions sometimes). The cave access was very small and restrictive with the entrance being completely silted out by the first person to pass through. We had plenty of line on reels in case anything went. Although the system only went about 400 feet in a few directions, we did see many signs that noone had been in the system for a long time. The brown line that we found in the system was half-buried and appeared to be the same line Sheck Exley used in the past. We didn't get a chance to explore more extensively since the floods of 1998 wiped out most of the caves in the area for months.

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