Morrison Springs
(N30.6578 W85.9056)

    Morrison Spring is about 5 miles northeast of Redbay. From the intersection with State Hwy 81 (4 miles from exit 15 on I-10), drive 1.7 mile east on State Hwy 18, turn sharply right (CR 181) and go south 1.5 mi to the spring. The spring is nearly 1 mile west of the Choctawhatchee River. Head south from the town of Ponce De Leon for 5 miles on S-181A. Turn left on dirt road when you see the sign for 1 mile.

    The spring's cave entrance was blasted, chronicled in Sheck Exley's "Caverns Measureless to Man", in 1968 to prevent further diving after several people died here. The county sheriff of the time had an archway at about 100 feet blasted to prevent more fatalities, which were often chronicled by painted numbers on a nearby tree or sign. Probably only Wakulla Springs and Weeki Wachee Springs rival the flow of Morrison. Exley mentioned that he got dangerously keyholed here while exiting. Obviously it was not a dive to take lightly. The site was privately owned for several decades and used as a private dive site, however the state purchased the land in 2004 and is allowing Walton County to operate it as a county park. From what I have read, access is now free very much like that of Little River in Branford. Maximum depth is around 90 feet before you get to the restriction. I have been told that there are access windows in the system further into the swamp that would allow a diver to reach the other side of the restriction, however I don't know where they may be located right now. Water temp is an area average of 65 degrees, so make sure you have enough protection.
    People have talked about trying to dig out the entrance, however if you look at the overhanging rock and sediment, you would realize as to how unstable it is and how it may not be such a good idea to mess with it.

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