Mystery Sink
(N28 35.743 W081 23.561)



    Mystery Sink is located off of SR 426 (Fairbanks Ave) in Winter Park/Orlando and is a little over .6 miles from I-4. Apparently is was sold in 1998 to a local architect wanting to build a home on the property. The owner is well aware of the site's history and interest to the cave community, however has stated that there will never be open access while they own the site. There is no deed restriction prevent the owner from giving permission, only their perogative.When I visited the site, I was impressed by the huge size of the sinkhole itself. The entire property is surrounded by 8 foot high chain link fencing with an electronic coded gate barring access. There is a private home within a few hundred feet from the sink itself inside the fencing. The above photo, of which does not effectively demonstrate the sheer size, was taken while standing on the truck roof idling on the road next to the sink. One of these days I would of course like to get permission to dive the site and see what it really looks like, but it probably will not happen for a long time, if ever. The only means of accessing the site would be for valid scientific research. If anyone has more info or pictures to share, then please let me know!



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