Palm Sink
(N28 21.313 W82 41.960)


    Palm Sink is located just a few feet from Hwy 19 in a bend in the road, about 1.6 miles north of Hwy 52.

    Palm Sink is basically a large sinkhole, similar to Ward's Sink. The visibility above 20 feet is usually very poor, but it gets better as one descends. There are few interesting things to see here such as some duck-unders, washing machine, and lots of various pieces of trash tossed from the road. I was surprised to not see any cars down there, but I later heard that they are usually recovered quickly. The area is not fenced, but it is advised not to park near the road. The best place was to pull onto the property from US 19 and to park behind the concrete sign, however the sign is pretty torn up now. While the site is not posted, it would be best to drop off your gear and park the vehicle just down the road a bit  and stay on the surface only as long as necessary to avoid hassles with anyone thinking the car is abandoned and maybe trying to push it in on top of you.

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Last Updated: 09/30/2008

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