Peacock Springs

    Peacock Springs is incorporated into a state park which is located two miles east of Luraville. From Luraville, take a right onto 180th to go straight to the park. You will see the signs on the road.

    Those without at least a cavern certification at Orange Grove (e.g. open water, divemaster, rescue, etc) may only dive if an instructor is present. Peacock II spring will be the only place that open water divers may dive on their own since there is no cave or cavern entrance here. The park allows swimming allows swimming and general recreation throughout the rest of the park for the public. There are a few amenities such as picnic table, portable toilets and stairs to the springs. There is a drop box (iron ranger) at the entrance for the $10 (cash) admission for each vehicle. You must display either your annual pass or pay stub, from the iron ranger, as well as your caver certification card on your vehicle dashboard while you are diving so that the rangers may check. Peacock is one of the most extensive, prettiest, and complex caves in the area with six accessible openings into the system. The GUE web page, here, has some extensive information about the park and cave. Scooters (DPVs) are not allowed in Peacock Springs as of April 25, 2002. I believe that this is a very good thing since most people actually using them do not have the necessary skills. You can reach pretty much any point in this system using backgas and swimming. While Peacock may have been designated a training site, that does not make it a sacrificial one. There are way too many examples of damage where there should be none. This isn't limited to small restrictions where anyone can brush the ceiling, but also wide open passages with 15-20 feet of scarred clay banks caused by poor scooter control. If you want to learn how to use a scooter, then do it in open water. A cave is NOT the place to learn how to dive. If you do not have an annual State Park pass, it is recommend that you purchase one either here or at Manatee Springs State Park. The park gets a percentage of every pass sold. Let us show our support for the parks through which we get so much use by use them as our referral source so that they can demonstrate the number of divers that specifically use the spring resources.



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Peacock Springs State Park
18081 185th Road
Live Oak, Florida 32060
Phone: 386-776-2194
Park Manager: Tom Brown

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