Rock Sink

    Rock sink is just southwest of the intersection of Bass Lake Drive and Ridge Road (which intersects with US 19 in Port Richey).

    The best way to access the sink is to park near the fence on the driving range property. The Chain fence ends about 5 feet into the woods and is easy to walk around. The sink itself was slightly disappointing after carrying a set of double 95's and an O2 bottle about a 1/8 mile. The max depth of the sink is 45 feet with really thick layers of silt on the bottom and sides. I counted no less than 4 cars and 1 pick-up resting on the bottom. They were all late models and appeared to be there for quite a while. They were fairly well buried, or else I would have tried to get the tag number. Even though the sink is open, I recommend running a line since there is a submerged tree in the middle of the sink with branches still attached. A pair of shears are also recommended due to the fishing line draped around the sink. This dive can be done very easily on a single AL80.

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