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    Sulphur Springs is about 200 ft SW. of the intersection of U.S. Hwy 41 and Waters Ave. It is located just south of the dog tracks off Nebraska Ave and Bird St.

    The site used to be a swimming pool and recreational facility until closed and fenced due to contamination. Micheal Garman is still conducting exploration there under a permit from the City of Tampa. So far 3,200 feet has been explored and mapped. The spring pool has been developed into a 50 ft circular swimming pool with concrete walls. The pool has a maximum depth of about 30 ft and water level is controlled by two toboggan flumes with fixed crest elevations on each side of a large moveable steel stop-gate at the outlet. The run exits the pool to the south, then flows southwest to the Hillsborough River 500 ft below the pool. At low flow of the Hillsborough River the springs are pumped to augment Tampa's water supply. The cave is reported to be some of the nastiest crap around. The are several sinks in the are that may have been connected at one time (see Tampa street overlay), but they have long been blocked due to trash and dirt build-up (this is not the best area of town). The visibility is reported to be 10-15 feet unless you start having the percolation get so bad because you stayed in the same place for more than 30 seconds. I have heard of divers coming out of the cave with not only a foul stench from the contaminated water (and remember this is a source of our drinking water in times of drought) but also with leeches attached. I probably would not dive here, even with a rubber environmental suit. There is currently a park restoration project underway here to restore the waterfront, although the spring will still be closed due to health concerns.

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