Telford Springs

    Telford springs is located off of State Road 51, just north of the bridge over the Suwannee river. Turn onto the first dirt road on the east (right) side when heading north from Mayo. The road is located just across from the Agricultural Truck Inspection Station. Turn right at the stop sign and head about a mile south until you get to the springs (just before the boat ramp).

    This site is close enough to the main road to be used as a swimming and drinking hole for the yokels. Be sure to lock your valuables out of sight. The trash build up is horrendous because of all the careless rednecks. If you have a Dixie flag bumper sticker and a pickup, you should be safe. The spring entrance is at the head of the run to the Suwannee river. There are two nearby sinkholes which lead into the system Telford II & III. Telford II is about 50 yards northeast of the spring run with Telford III being about 100 feet further west (at the end of the parking area). The average depth of this site is around 40-50 feet with visibility often fluctuating between 15-30 feet. The GUE web page, here, as some good information about this site including key features.

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