Wakulla Springs

    Wakulla Springs is about 14 miles south of Tallahassee. From the intersection of State Road 267, drive 1.2 miles southeast on State Hwy 61 to the entrance.

    Wakulla Springs is the centerpiece of the state park with swimming, natural trails, and glass bottom boat tours. The cave system is one of the most extensive in the United States and the subject of numerous research projects. Mastodon bones and skulls, as well as numerous other historical finds, have been recovered from it's depths. Swimming is not allowed above the headspring, but the tour boats travel directly over the cavern offering an awesome view of the blue void. The research teams of the USDCT (United States Deep Cave Diving Team) and the WKPP (Woodville Karst Plain Project) have done the most work here. Most of the maps below are from the USDCT's 1987 project, but new information from this year's project should hopefully be released soon. The USDCT used several electronic devices, such as radio beacons to find the surface location of particular locations in the cave, to aid in ensuring the accuracy of their maps. The WKPP is also involved in other sites of the local karst plain. Check out the GUE website, here, for some excellent information of the entire area written by the hydrogeololgist of the WKPP. Wakulla Springs State park also incorporates Sally Ward spring (located near the front of the park).

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