Wayne's World
(aka School Sink)
(N28 22.103 W82 41.659)

    Wayne's World is located in Hudson, behind Hudson Bowling alley. This site is a few miles north of the intersection of Hwy 19 and Hwy 52 and is between Palm Sink and the old location of the 'SCUBA West' dive shop. Take Flounder Dr. (heading west), the road to the immediate south of the bowling alley, make a sharp right and then take the first left onto Stevens Dr.. The solution tube leading to the cave is in a break in the woods about 100 yards to the left. There is room for one or two cars here. Wayne's World was the subject of a body recovery (not associated with diving) in April of 2003. A newspaper story about it can be found here (or here if the link is dead). There is a lot of trash here, no matter how much we try to pick up the site. Even the trash can placed here has been vandalized and cut apart. In early 2005 a gate was installed to prevent any more dumping. Since this is not NSS property, you'll now have to be a member in order to gain access. For now, you can sign the liability form and get the combo at SCUBA West just a few miles down the road or from Joe Tegg. Yes, for those of us that had been diving the site for years, it seems to suck, but consider now you want have to tie up the sofa or shopping cart and hope it doesn't fall in when you are doing the dive or at deco. So this is indeed a better situation overall.

Paul Heinerth @ Scuba West - (727) 863-6911 (http://www.scubawest.net)
Joe Tegg - (727) 510-8658 (joe<at>tegg-inc.com)

    The site used to be called School Sink because of the proximity to Hudson Elementary. This site was often the local appliance dumping ground. Brett Hemphill, Michael Garman, and Jon Bojar have done a lot of work here surveying, keeping the site clean, and making access easier. New steps were put in March of 1999 (thanks Brett) along with the removal of several sofas and chairs from the tube . Member of the discussion forum of cavediver.net meet here every now and then for site clean-up. The 30 foot deep solution tube into the cave is only about 5-6 feet in diameter and can only accommodate one team of divers at a time (especially when at deco). There used to be a confusing network of survey line, but most of the stuff has been cleaned up and replaced with good line. This area has the softest limestone around as it will virtually crumble in your hands. In some/most sections, air bubbles have been know to dislodge huge chunks of the stuff and create a rock shower. Please keep the site clean and try to pick up any trash that you see around. This cave was successfully connected with the Beacon Woods system that has most of it's karst windows a few miles to the southeast. The property was recently purchased by the NSS-CDS to help keep it open to divers. Whenever you dive the site, please take just a couple of minutes to throw a few pieces of trash in a bag to take with you. a little effort goes a long way (DITO - Dive in Trash Out).

This is a pretty advanced cave dive due to the typically low (15-20') visibility and delicate limestone. Even well traveled sections will still have tons of junk raining down on you due to exhaust bubbles dislodging silt and loose pieces of rock.

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