Fanning Springs

    Fanning Spring is 0.2 miles south of the U.S. 19 Hwy Bridge over the Suwannee River in the town of Fanning.

    Fanning Springs consists of two springs or pools, each with a run discharging to the Suwannee River. Fanning is about 200 ft wide and 350 ft long. Its vent, near the southeast wall, is about 30 feet in diameter. Pool depth is greatest near the vent, 18 ft or more, depending on river stage. The vent area is nearly funnel shaped, with a sandy bottom and limestone sides. The spring run, about 100 ft wide, 8 ft deep, and 100 ft long, flows westward. Little Fanning Spring has a nearly horizontal opening into a limestone hillside. It flows nearly southwest and the water is slightly turbulent for about 10 ft beyond the vent. The run widens from about 10 to 30 feet, and in a short distance turns west and joins the Suwannee River about 1,000 feet downstream. Fanning Springs is used primarily as a recreational area. Diving is allowed with a small additional fee, although it is primarily used for certification dives for local shops. For the $1 entrance fee, there are changing rooms, nature trails, a dive tower, and showers available. SCUBA is now allowed with a $10 fee with a minimum of two divers (i.e. no solo diving). Unless you are doing some kind of training, I suggest you just snorkel since the max depth is barely 15 feet.


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