Rainbow River

(Picture courtesy of Bob Bates)

    Rainbow River is located just north of Dunnellon. From Tampa, take I-75 north to exit 67 (SR 484). Head west until you get to the town to Dunellon (you'll cross Rainbow river just before town limits). Head north on Hwy 41 (right) for 2-3 miles until you get to the Winn Dixie Shopping Center on the right. Take a right on the first street immediately past the center and travel for 2 miles until you reach the railroad tracks. Immediately past the tracks take a left onto the frontage road and travel .5 miles to KP Hole County Park

    Rainbow River is know for its pristine beauty and natural conditions. Disposable items and fishing, and are not allowed on the river so that it remains in a near natural state. The county park has a $2 fee for use of facilities (launch ramp, changing room, beach) and a $3 per hour canoe rental fee. We usually take our own canoes and paddle a mile upriver and then drift back with the current. Classes usually go upriver a few hundred yards past the state park to a 20 foot depression for their skill check outs. There are numerous small caverns, boils, and popcorn springs along the way. There are several different kinds of fresh water fish such as bass, brim, and gar that live in the waters. Diving is not allowed in the headsprings, but I have yet swim there to see if there is any discernable cave. There are a few small caverns in the river area, but with penetration limited to about 10 feet. I have included a survey of the depression upstream of KP Hole County Park that was completed by some Divemaster students a long time ago. The picture above shows some of the countless boiling spring found throughout the area.




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