Apopka Blue Sink

    This spring is about 3 miles northwest of Oakland. Drive 3.7 mile west on State Hwy 438 from the principal street intersection in Oakland, turn right (north) onto a sand road through an old orange grove and continue for 0.5 miles; the spring is 500 feet north of the end of the road.

    This site is also called Gordneck Sink. The spring pool is roughly circular, between 100 and 200 ft in diameter in a semitropical swamp near the southwest edge of Lake Apopka. Spring discharge is from a single submerged oval-shaped opening or orifice 5 to 6 ft in diameter in limestone in the bottom of the central part of the pool. A gentle boil can be noted at the pool surface over the orifice. The spring flows eastward down a run about 200 ft to the "Gourd Neck," a narrow arm of Lake Apopka that curves northwestward from the southwest tip of the main body of the lake. When spring flow is high, the pool is clean and clear, but when flow is low, murky lake water may cloud the pool. There is a restoration group dedicated to Lake Apopka, their web page is here.

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