Chicken Farm Sink
(aka Morris Bridge Sink)

    Chicken Farm Sink (aka Chicken Coop Sink or Morris Bridge Sink) is located in Hillsborough County. The sink is on SWFWMD property and is closed to vehicular traffic.

    Chicken Farm has a similar shape to that of Ward's Sink (hourglass) with a max depth of 200 feet. The sink gets it's name from the chicken farm that used to be on the property decades ago. There is an old Volvo upside down near the mound at 150 feet with line being laid in a similar method to Ward's Sink (e.g. line to deep portion, car, other areas of interest). A few old bottles, signs and even a gun have been found in the depth of the sink, demonstrating the age of this site. This site was used in 2001 or emergency pumping when river levels were really low to supplement the Hillsborough River water supply. You can see a picture and read some of the information here.

Click here for aerial picture of Chicken Farm and Lil Blue

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