Double Spring

    Last Spring is located in the Tampa Bypass Canal off of Harney Road. From the intersection of Harney and Hwy 301 (several miles south of Fowler Ave) head east (on Harney Road). The first bridge you come to is the Tampa Bypass Canal (you cross the canal on I-75, 1 mile south of the spring, going north just before the Fowler exit ). The spring is closest to the east bank and south of the road. Look for a slick or boil on the surface.

    The canal visibility is around 5-7 feet, but the water around the spring is Ginnie clear. This is a definite no-mount 80 dive. The tunnel past the double caverns is impassable (so far) with a horrendous flow. There are many fish in the cavern (apparently hiding from the shore fishers). It is a nice squeeze, but there is plenty of room to turn around in once past each restriction. This is only the dive you would do if completely bored or just to try something new, but is worth a slight peek if in the area. The map was painstakingly hand drawn by Tampa explorer Brett Hemphill (of Wayne's World fame).

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