Hornsby Springs

    The spring is about one and a half miles north of the town of High Springs. Drive northwest on U.S. Hwy 441 from the junction with State Hwy 236 for about 1.6 miiles, turn right (east) onto the road going to Camp Kulaqua. The spring is inside the camp grounds about 300 ft northwest of the camp entrance.



    Hornsby Springs is part of Camp Kulaqua, a private camp on the Santa Fe River reserved primarily by large civic and church groups. This is the only cave site of which I am aware that has a place to land your own plane. There is a private airstrip on the property that you can see in the aerial photo. Dye tracing has shown that it is connected to Alachua Sink, but obviously it isn't diveable at that distance. The spring pool is about 100 by 200 feet  and flows via a spring run 0.8 mile to the Santa Fe River.

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