Sally Ward

    Sally Ward is located on Wakulla State Park property just before the guardhouse at the entrance. The spring is just beyond the dirt parking lot on the left hand side of the road. About 20 feet behind the lot is the spring and run.

    Sally Ward has often been called "Numero Uno" because it is considered one of the best dives around. Diving is prohibited only to research teams (such as the WKPP and others). The restriction is extremely tight with the hole needed to be dug out in order to fit through (similiar to the rabbit hole entrance at Madison Blue). The passage corkscrews until you get to the balcony. The little ledge is the entrance to the cube room. The room itslef is about 80 feet wide and 100 feet high. The first time here, one gets a feeling of walking into an empty stadium. Even with 5 or 6 team members, most of the room remains dark.

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