Ward's Sink

    Ward's Sink is in Spring Hill between the Hernando County line and Hwy 52. From Tampa travel north on Hwy. 41 until you get to Hwy 52 (there is a light here as well as a Hess Station). Travel west until the next light (Shady Dr) and head north. After several sharp turns you will see the blue roadside hospital sign. The next road to the left (south of Little Ranch Rd) is the drive to the sink (there is a worn out billboard advertising Uncle Jim's Farm). Travel to the end of the road and you will reach the gates of Ward's property.
Diving has been closed by the family in recent years and does not appear to have much possibility of being opened since the family has built a home on the property.

    The oval sink has an hourglass formation with the top of the mound being around 110 and the bottom ending up around 200 feet. From the mound to the surface is a set of pipes set as rungs of a ladder set up to hang bottles. Many of the local dive shops used the sink for training of all levels since there were platforms at 15, 30, 60, and 100 feet. There are two boats within recreational dive limits for open water divers to see. There is an old car upside down at a depth of 180. The deepest portion of the sink is around 199 and most air divers try to stick their computers in the muck to get that last foot.

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